Lake Garda 4 star Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc



The central structure of Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort is a historic hotel.


The location of the Grand Resort is referred to in the nineteenth-century documents

with the names Grez, Sabbioni, Galenzana: this last name is derived from the Galenzana stream,

originating in the area of Arco and before reaching the lake Garda, it passes under

viale Rovereto to form the lakes in our park. In the 19th century the area where the river

and lake waters met was swampy; it was referred to as “still waters” and was occupied

by fishmongers, with numerous wooden bridges for transit.

The land was divided into several larger parcels with a few farmhouses.

One of them was bought by Baron Carl Justus Torresani, general director of the

Lombardy-Veneto police, who retired to the villa after the revolution in Milan in 1848.